Replacing Your CenturyLink/Quantum Fiber Router with ASUS/UniFi/Eero/TP-Link Mesh Systems

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on enhancing your internet experience with CenturyLink or Quantum Fiber. Here, we delve into how you can switch to popular third-party router systems like ASUS, UniFi, Eero, and TP-Link mesh for improved performance.

Understanding the Need for Third-Party Routers

Enhanced Features: Discover the benefits of better coverage, control, and performance with third-party routers. Compatibility: Learn how to ensure your new system integrates seamlessly with CenturyLink or Quantum Fiber.

Checking Router Compatibility

  • Confirm Support: Make sure your new router is compatible with PPPoE and VLAN tagging, essential for a smooth transition.

Obtaining PPPoE Credentials

  • Unique Credentials: Request a unique username and password from your ISP for your router’s internet connection, distinct from your regular account login.
  • Check Documentation: Sometimes, these credentials can be found in the materials provided by the ISP.

Special Note for Eero and Similar Systems

  • Smartphone Setup Requirement: Understand the necessity of setting up systems like Eero through a smartphone app.
  • Cellular Connectivity Issues: If you face poor cellular service, temporarily connect your Eero to your existing router during setup.

Setting Up ASUS ZenWiFi Systems

  • ASUS Setup Wizard: Utilize the ASUS ZenWiFi setup wizard, which guides you through the PPPoE setup.
  • VLAN Tagging in IPTV Tab: Learn how to set the VLAN tag, which is often ID 201 for CenturyLink in Arizona (though this can vary).

Specific Steps for Quantum Fiber Customers with CX550XK

  • Understanding CX550XK Setup: Get to know how Quantum Fiber’s CX550XK model differs with its SC/LC fiber cable connection.
  • Converting CX5500KX to Transparent Bridging: Convert your CX5500KX into a bridge for fiber to Ethernet conversion.
  • Connecting Third-Party Router: Instructions on how to connect your third-party router to the CX5500KX.
  • Proceed with Standard Router Setup: Follow the standard setup procedure for your specific router brand.

Steps to Replace Your Router (For CenturyLink and Other Quantum Fiber Models)

  1. Remove Existing Router: Disconnect the ISP-provided router.
  2. Install Third-Party Router: Connect your new router to the modem and power it on.
  3. Access Router Settings: Log into the new router’s interface.
  4. Configure PPPoE Settings: Enter your unique PPPoE credentials.
  5. Set VLAN Tagging: Adjust the VLAN ID to the correct number for your area.
  6. Complete Brand-Specific Setup: Follow any additional instructions specific to your router brand.